Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Bit More About "Me"

People have been asking me two questions..
one. why havent I posted on here for a while and
two. what more is there about me.

Okay, I'll answer the first question second and the second question first.  Which should give you an idea of what I'm about.

Okay, ugh, said that already.. More about me... well, I'm a retired Police Officer/Forensic Investigator.  I spent the last 5 years of my career with the Attorney General's Office travelling the country side investigating scenes and attending autopsies, stuff like that.....

Now, I live in a small village north of Toronto and I write novels (big honking ones) and take lots of pictures. (mostly things that are alive). Storms are my favorite and I've got some doozies on my facebook page.

I have a daughter, Eryn who far outshines me. (lot smarter than her old man) She's hoping to get into Med school and recently returned from several months of volunteering at a small village hospital in Uganda.  Check out her journal/blog.. its amazing.  http://worldltravels.blogspot.com/

I ride horses and used to own a couple.. I'll be getting more in the future.  The world looks very different from the back of a horse.  I used to teach fencing and I use that skill when I choreograph fight scenes in my stories.  Yes, I actually jump around and other stuff fighting invisible foes before I write about it.(it helps)

Soo, I write with the hopes of getting published (again) which leads us to the first question...
I've been very busy working on my new trilogy as  you can see on this blog and sending out queries to agents and publishers and of course spending a lot of time reading rejection emails. (this takes the longest as I read these twice with a look of complete surprise on my face)

Okay, damn, thats three times I've said that... Well thats about it.. hope you read the chapters I've posted here and enjoy.

Richard W. Goodship

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  1. Okay, that thing is nasty!

    Good luck querying! :) And best of luck to your daughter getting into Med School!